VENUE CHANGE: First Sunday meditation

Dear Friends,

Let’s change the format of first Sunday meditation to my backyard.  The wind has become a factor for me and I find I’m shortening the morning because of the worrying about the tent and you.

Also, the teachings I’m now at least trying to present, the Imperial or Queen’s/ King view, need a somewhat protected environment.  For the next 3 talks, I want to go into both the experience, the practice  and the sharing of that experience with each other. My backyard allows more privacy and a more controllable environment.

Appro pro of that we will quit advertising the Beach Meditation on social media for a few months.  If you’re receiving this it’s because we have already met and you’re on a mailing list.  I welcome you to invite any of your friends who think might enjoy the situation, but I don’t feel I want to open my home to a completely public event.

The parking is an issue as you know on our cul de sac. Please park in the neighborhood down the street or even down at the Aikahi shopping center and walk up. Bicycles welcome! Allow some time for parking shenanigan’s.

Please DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE CHAIN AT THE ROAD’S END for it is someone’s driveway!!!  Thank you.

Also,  Jaynine and I are contemplating a sort of pilgrimage of sacred sites in Japan, Nepal, Bhutan and India in the Fall. For many years we have donated to the Himalayan Children’s Foundation which is a school in Boudnath, Nepal that improves the education, health,and living conditions of abondoned. orphaned children and Tibetan refugees from the mountain districts of Nepal. My son, Makani Tenzin, would have likely attended this school if his birthmother had picked his birth family to raise him instead of us.  So, If you would like to donate for the classes, the monies will be 100% donated by us to that school.

Here’s a pic of some of the kids and a link to their newsletter:

As it will be April Fool’s Day and Easter when we meet I’m titling the talk after a slogan created by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche for the spiritual journey: Not afraid to be a fool (or Fits of Joy). I will also at least mention how I see Christ in my BULU way, that is my Buddhist Lutheran heritage.

We will still need help setting up the tent in our yard at 8am. We will do the Tibetan lhasang and Hawaiian blessing at 9am, which is now an integral part of the morning. Meditation instruction and talk is 9-11am. We will have tea and cookies after the talk.

I look forward to sharing depth of meditation with you,

Aloha nui loa,

Dr.  Dean