Final Aloha from the Kailua Shambhala Meditation Group Coordinator – May 2019

Dear Shambhala Ohana,

I hope that this email finds you well and enjoying the refreshing Spring showers and accompanying cool breezes. The freshness of these cleansing rains have given Dr. Dean and I a chance to reflect on the future of our humble meditation group.

Every thing has a life to it: beginning, middle and end. Dr. Dean and Jaynine arrived here over 23 years ago and out of Windhorse Healthcare created a flourishing meditation community. But over time, it naturally came to a crescendo and started winding down once the Center closed. Dr. Dean and Jaynine have been keeping the group stitched together with off and on Meditation on the Beach sessions. I gave growing the sangha a good college try for the last year and half, but it has not organically developed into a sustainable group that can support a Center. We have three dues-paying members, and despite their generosity, it is not enough to get the group into a physical location.

Other realities must also be acknowledged. Dr. Dean does not want to have the role of being the main teacher of the group and association to Shambhala International is also not a direction he presently supports. Additionally, I have family and work responsibilities that need my attention at this time, no longer have the free time to dedicate to this pursuit, and share Dr. Deanʻs sentiments about Shambhala International. We must all learn to let go.

However, Dr. Dean has laid down a wonderful foundation of dharma for all of us to contemplate and work with on our paths into the future. I know I sure will.

Warmest Aloha,

Arleen Garcia-Herbst
Group Coordinator
[email protected]