Aloha from the new Kailua Shambhala Meditation Group Coordinator

Aloha mai kākou,

I am absolutely thrilled to step into the role of Group Coordinator for the Kailua Shambhala Meditation Group. I’m grateful to be a part of this Shambhala community and pick up where our former Coordinator, Jaque, left off, as well as continue to collaborate with Dean, Jaynine and Maria to bring us together at Meditation on the Beach on the first Sunday of each month.

I’d also like to acknowledge that there’s a team of us coming on board. Lila Edwards, which some of you might have met this month, will be taking over for Shelley and managing our finances and reporting. Joshua Northcutt will be moving back from the mainland towards the end of this year to help us coordinate more opportunities for practice and education as well.

Some questions keep coming up for us… How can we expand and develop our community in Kailua? Oahu? Hawai’i? The Pacific region?

There is so much suffering and confusion in the world today. Our lineage teaches us to not look away, but instead to open and embrace it. Our strength comes from the power of kindness and the ability to share this with others (aloha). This is the notion of community, letting others into our field of experience, welcoming all into our Shambhala ohana.

When this occurs, our sangha becomes a beacon of sanity. Together we practice and study the teachings, and celebrate the culture and enriching qualities of basic goodness. This is how we can help the world. By manifesting these principles both individually and as a group. Together, we create the building blocks of enlightened society.

In the coming months, we will be working to create a vision for Shambhala in Kailua and beyond. I look forward to hearing your inspiration, thoughts and ideas. Your time and energy will be greatly appreciated and critical to our success. I’m grateful to those who have already offered up their time and potential new spaces for regular meditation practice.

I look forward to serving the community, lineage and vision of Shambhala.

Warmest Regards,

Arleen Garcia-Herbst

Kailua Shambhala Meditation Group Coordinator

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